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Welcome! This webpage is a companion to Sensible Guitar, an instructional method book for guitar students. All of the material is provided by the book's author, Chris Cass, a long-time music educator who teaches guitar in southern Connecticut. Any subjective viewpoints or recommendations are the author's own. Your questions or comments are welcome via email:

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About Sensible Guitar:

Sensible Guitar is designed to help both teachers and students. This guitar method book compiles material that teachers have been writing out by hand for years. The book does not require the ability to read notes or tablature. It presents the most important information, more-or-less in order of difficulty. Usable right from the first lesson, Sensible Guitar includes chords, scales, rhythms, progressions, and more. Because of how it presents the material, Sensible Guitar also functions as a chord and scale encyclopedia. Lots of music theory is introduced as well, including the diatonic notes in all keys, chord spelling, and the use of Roman numerals to identify chords.

Sensible Guitar includes an audio CD.

This website is an additional companion to the book. There is supplemental material here for each page of Sensible Guitar, offering extensive details regarding the material. You'll also find exercises, audio examples, and numerous tricks & tips, designed to help both students and teachers. Visit the "supplemental material" pages by clicking on the page numbers (above) to see specifically what material is presented and discussed.

Any questions may be emailed directly to the author. Your questions or comments are welcome.

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Size: 8.5" x 11"
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Author: Chris Cass
ISBN: 0-9742042-2-6
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