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With the Triple Threat Blues Band (LIVE):

Next Time You See Me .... Little By Little .... Sugar Sweet

Rico Cass & Jerry Capuno on vocals; full line-ups and complete songs available at

With the Triple Threat Blues Band (STUDIO):

Strollin' With Bone.... Can't Be Satisfied (slide guitar).... Walk Light On This Earth

Horton Hears a Blues.... Last Time.... Dirty Mistreater.... Tucker's Jump.... Earl's Delight

Rico Cass & Sketch Ilsley on vocals; full line-ups and complete songs available at ....


Production and accompaniment on songs by Dan Labich (with the Triple Threat Blues Band):

Each Other .... Crooked Path.... Fortress.... Pray

Dan Labich: composer & vocals; full line-ups available at


With the Bourbon Cowboys:

Crazy Arms .... Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Chris Cass: GUITAR & VOCALS; Pete Gursky: VOCALS; Pat Satta: BASS;
John Macchia: DRUMS; David Kaye: PEDAL STEEL

Children's Music/Educational

From Amy Diamond's 2010 CD Literacy Through Lyrics Volume 2:
Amy is a speech and language pathologist, educator and musician. She is also an advocate for children's language development and literacy. The integration of music, rhyme, and rhythm into her curriculum has resulted in two CDs for use in the classroom and at home. I had the pleasure of helping out on a couple of songs; one is offered below. It's intended to promote pre-reading skills of pre-school and early elementary aged children. For more info about Amy's work in this field, visit ~C.C.

I Love To Rhyme


Live Blues (with Ryan Hartt)

Excerpts from a live radio broadcast on WPKN in Bridgeport, CT, c. 2006(?), a totally impromptu set with Ryan Hartt and the Blue Hearts...
I got a call from Ryan seeking a last-minute fill-in when the Blue Hearts's regular guitarist, the outstanding Eric Ducoff, could not make it to this special on-air performance.
This jam features Ryan on harp & vocals, Steve Combs on bass, Nick Toscano on drums, and myself, recorded to a single microphone and broadcast live on the spot. ~C.C.
NOTE: this is not intended to be representative of Ryan Hartt and the Blue Hearts; this lacks their great regular guitarist, and was broadcast in a more off-the-cuff jam situation. For a proper look & listen, visit, and be sure to catch these guys live!

Keep Me Waitin'... . Country Boy.... Hideaway/Guitar Jam. ...

Make Up Your Mind .. ..She's Yours She's Mine... .I Can't Help It

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